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od grant me the serenity to accept the ancestors I cannot find.

Resources to find cousins with the information to fill in the gaps.

And the Inspiration and Motivation to continue my research.

  1. We must realize that our genealogical quest will not be complete in one day.  After all, it took longer than that to create.

  2. Not all of our ancestors were public figures and that spending more than a year looking for that ancestor is okay.

  3. Research means spending alot of time in musty old libraries, courthouses, and trips to visit cemeteries.  While others may find this odd behavior, it's okay.

  4. Trying to explain  this facination with dead relatives to others isn't easy.  It isn't supposed to be.  It's okay.

  5. Learning that you were related to the scoundrels and villains of a town, instead of the sheriff and the rich men, doesn't make you any less of a person than you were before you started your research.  Finding scum in your family is Okay.

  6. Learning that not all the races in your heridity were from the same land is okay.

  7. Thinking and beleiving that you can find all of your genealogy on the Internet is NOT okay.  It's a myth.  Besides, that would take all of the fun out of this addiction.

  8. Realizing that you may be the ONLY one in the universe researching a specific surname is okay.

  9. Spending more than six hours a day doing your research is okay.

  10. Remember:  your ancestors were humans.  They made mistakes.  Love them anyway. 

  11. Having pictures of your ancestors to show others is okay.  Not having any of your present family...well....

  12. Read Diagnosis: Geneaholic's Serenity Prayer.

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